Interest Rates & Other Charges

a) Compulsory Deposit (CD) - 9%

b) Fixed Deposits (FD)
i) 31 Days to less than 6 months - 4%
ii) 6 months and above but less than 1 year - 7%

c) Recurring Deposits

Scheme Period  Interest Rate
SRD-I SRD-I One year 7%
SRD-II Two years 7.5%

d) Saving Deposit A/c. (SDA) 4%

e) Loans:
I) Ordinary/Emergency/Gold Loan - 11%
ii) All other Loans H/L, P/L, H/L Consumer Loan - 8 and 11%
f) Penal Interest on Loans - 3%
g) Penal interest on CD - Rs. 10 P.M
h) Penal interest on SRDS /MDS - Rs2/-per, Rs. 100/- P.M.

a) Membership Form - Rs. 10/-
b) Ordinary Loan Application Form - Rs. 50/-
c) Consumer/Vehicle/Housing/Property Loan Forms - Rs. 50/-



a) Service charges on gold loan Rs. 100/-
c) Loan renewal charges 1% of existing loan
d) Processing charges for Housing/Property Loan Rs. 500/-
e) Processing Charges for Consumer/Vehicle Loan Rs. 300/-
f) Administration Charges for Housing/Property/Consumer/Vehicle Loan 2% (Min.5000/-)
h) Admission Fee-at the time of enrollment Rs. 500/-
I) Transfer Fee-at the time of resignation only Rs.300/-
j) Pay-order/Draft service charges Rs. 200/-
k) Duplicate I card Rs.100/-
l) Duplicate Pass Book Rs. 50/-
m) Arbitration filing charges Rs. 1,000/-
n) Arbitration/execution charges 10.5%
o) Notice charges-Ordinary post Rs. 200/-per case
p) Notice charges-Regd./Courier Rs.400/-per case
q) Cheque Dishonour charges Rs. 200/-per case
r) Arbitration Notice Rs. 600/-
s) Library penalty after 60 days-per book Rs.20/-per month