Rules & Regulations

About the Society

Co-operative movement plays a vital role in the overall development and progress of any community of likeminded people with aspirations of well-being. Standing together as a community, it brings financial discipline, enhances their economic status, strengthens their social security, and helps improve their happiness and general quality of life. To uphold this vision, to bring all the Keralites living in Delhi under one umbrella and to extend mutual support to each other Mr. P.R. Nair (Founder) along with a few of his friends conceived the novel idea of forming a Co- operative Thrift and Credit Society in Delhi. As a result, a society was founded in the year 1986 with 41 members and was named as ‘Southern Star Co-op. (U) Thrift & Credit Society Ltd.’ The unique feature of this Society is that only Keralites who reside/employeed in Delhi are entitled to enrol as its members. In keeping with this feature, all the applications are scrutinised and approved by the Managing Committee (MC). At present the Society has a strength of more than 32,000 members. These members hail from various social statuses such as government and private services, business class, professionals, etc. It is a proud moment for the Society to note that as per a recent survey, the Southern Star Co-operative Society is the largest such Co-operative Society in the northern region of our country.


There are 6 Zonal Advisory Committees. Working of the Branch offices, collection centres, etc. are monitored by these committees. ZAC Meetings are held as and when deemed essential.



Central Advisory Committee (CAC) comprises of representatives from all fields, who are nominated by the MC. All major policy decisions taken by the MC are based on the recommendations of the CAC. CAC Meetings are called for, as and when required.


Registered/Corporate office of the Society is situated on 1st Floor, E- Block, DDA Market, (LSC) MOR Land, New Rajendra Nagar, New Delhi- 60. This well- equipped office is the heart of Southern Star Cooperative Society.
The society has 9 branches spread throughout Delhi at convenient locations. Head office is easily accessible by Road and Metro (Sankar Road & Rajendra Place). The Central Office and 8 branches operate in the Society’s own premises (purchased), now valuing more than Rs. 100 Crores, as per the present market price.


In addition to the branches, collection centres are established in and around Delhi. Members can drop their cheques/correspondence in the boxes placed at these centres on or before the 10th of every month.



Managing Committee comprises of the President, Vice-President, Honorary Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer, and 7 other members. President, Vice- President and Members are elected directly by the General Body. Other office bearers such as Honorary Secretary, and Joint Secretary, Treasurer are elected from the Managing Committee. One term of a MC member (including President) is 3 years. Two posts of the MC are reserved for women. In addition to the above, if the MC feels so, one or more members can be co-opted as MC Member/s. At least one meeting is held every month to make sure that the Society’s business goes on smoothly and all the office bearers carry out their duties effectively and efficiently.


The Society’s day to day work is managed by qualified and competent staff. All staff members go through rigorous and disciplined training in all fields before a permanent appointment is made. Pay and other allowances are given at par with Government Employees.



1. Application for membership shall be submitted with one Passport-size photograph, proof of addresses (Permanent as well as Local) and KYC requirements
2. Value of a share is Rs.500/-. Share money, admission fee Rs. 500/- (Non refundable) with GST is to be paid in cash/cheque (i.e., a minimum of Rs. 1,090/-) along with the application, in advance.
3. Share certificates will be issued immediately after approval of the applications.
4. Dividend on shares is paid every year after the General Body Meeting.
5. An existing member can increase their number of shares (subject to a maximum of 40 shares) by submitting a simple application along with payment for the same, which will be considered by the M.C. in its meeting. However, withdrawal of shares or sale/purchase of shares is not allowed. At the time of resignation, all the share money at his/her credit will be refunded. Value of the shares of a Co-operative Society is always stable, unlike the shares of other companies, and hence no risk is involved in it. In addition, dividend is paid every year after General Body’s approval. For taking a loan or stand as ‘surety’, member may have to increase the number of shares depending on the loan amount requested.